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AreaVoices is a community of writers and content producers.

Organizations, schools and individuals can use AreaVoices to get information easily published online.

These posts can show up on Forum Communications Company’s network of newspaper and broadcast websites reaching 1.2 million monthly readers.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Apply for a site using the registration button below.
  2. Create your own style by customizing your theme. Don’t forget to update your bio and add some imagery to give your site some life.
  3. Post great content for the chance to be featured on the home page of and other Forum Communications websites.


How do I sign up?
Click the button above or go to

Who can blog?

Why blog?
Share your ideas, promote yourself or your organization, have fun. More…

What if I already have a blog somewhere else?
You’re not required to stop writing your other blog. But you might want to. More…

Why blog on AreaVoices instead of another platform?
Part of the trusted, family-owned Forum Communications Company with access to 36
newspaper, television, and radio stations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. More…

What is the relationship between AreaVoices and my local newspaper?
Forum Communications Company owns AreaVoices and 36 newspaper, television and radio stations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. More…

What should I blog about?
Just about anything you’d like. Write about your interests. Hot topics include: Family, Food, Health, Money and Travel. More…

How long does it need to be?
Blog posts can be as short or as long as you’d like. More…

How often do I need to post?
That’s up to you. But remember your visibility increases the more you post. More…

How many people are publishing content on AreaVoices?
To date AreaVoices hosts about 300 independently produced micro-sites.  More…

What does it mean to be a featured blogger?
Each of the Forum Communications Newspapers, TV and radio stations selects a few dozen blogs from AreaVoices they would like to feature on their home pages. More…

How do I get my blog featured on my local paper?
Editors, News Directors and others review AreaVoices blogs frequently to review the quality of the writing and the topic. More…

As a featured blogger, where will my blog be seen?
It depends on which FCC properties choose to feature you. More…

How can I get my blog to show up in other parts of the paper?
Tag words are the key. More…

How many people will read my blog?
Again, it depends on which FCC property you are chosen to be featured. Should all FCC properties feature you, you could reach 1.6 million people. More…

Does Forum Communications edit or censor my blog?
No. More…

Can I add pictures and video to my blog?
Absolutely. Pictures and video add depth to your blog and our support staff is here to help. More…

Can I manage the comments on my blog?
Yes. You have control over your comments from allowing unlimited comments to allowing no comments at all. More…

Something isn’t working? Who do I go to for help?
Contact us at You can even chat with Lindsey during normal business hours.

What if I don’t get my registration email?
First, first allow a few moments to receive the email. Second, check your spam filter or junk mail folder. If you still don’t see it email us at

For more information:

Including video tutorials, testimonials, and “The Do’s and Don’ts of AreaVoices Blogging  go to

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