Community Guidelines

Topics.AreaVoices Guidelines

Posts made on the Topics.AreaVoices blog are subject to the following three rules:

  1. Keep it civil and stay on topic.
  2. No profanity, vulgarity or racial slurs.
  3. No harassing others.

Users who do not follow these rules will be barred from posting on the Topics blog at the discretion of the Topics.AreaVoices moderators. Being barred from Topics does not automatically result in a ban from the community. Guidelines

If a user is found to be harassing, threatening, bullying, baiting or tormenting another user through blog posts, blog comments, private messages or profile activity posts or comments the user’s account will be deactivated without warning. If a blog is being used to harass, threaten, bully, bait or torment another user the blog will be shut down without warning. These terms will be defined as follows:

Harass – Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation.
Threaten – State one’s intention to take hostile action against someone in retribution for something done or not done; Express one’s intention to harm or kill (someone).
Bully – Target with persistent and specific cruelty or unkindness.
Bait – Provoke, lure or incite another user to react (also known as trolling).
Torment – Deliberately agitate, upset, or cause anguish.

Prohibited behavior that can, and will, lead to a user’s account being deactivated and related blogs removed include:

  1. Taunting or baiting other users into an argument that is unnecessarily volatile or otherwise disruptive
  2. Using derogatory phrases to describe a user’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation
  3. Threatening to post or otherwise expose data or identifying information of other users. This includes, but is not limited to: full name, location, IP address, ISP information, email address, career, family, photographs, screenshots of or links to other online activity
  4. Using private messages to harass, threaten, bully, bait or torment other users

Assistance and Support

If a user feels they are being harassed, threatened or bullied by another member of the AreaVoices community we ask that they send a message describing the situation in as much detail as possible to

We also request the user include links to examples of the behavior. Screenshots are not the preferred method of reporting these behaviors.

Please do not contact the Topics.AreaVoices moderators regarding bullying or harassment.

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